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Discover the effectiveness of synergy training, whether you are in the gym, at home or outdoors, synergy will accompany you on the road to success and new learning methods.

The strength and effectiveness of JS Synergy is to work every factor that will allow you to reach your goal whether they are physical, performance or maintaining your current state. The agility, speed, endurance and flexibility as well as your ability of reacting and adapting to hardships with specific sessions focusing on the mind will be improved.

JS Synergy training sessions will help you to discover total and lasting harmony.



3 weeks ago


De toute façon, ce qui est important c'est de se battre pour ce qu'on croit important.
De Pierre Chaunu /
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5min/les interventions/#RMC/#CoachingPhysiqueEtmental /#TeamBoxe/
ABONNE-TOI POUR PLUS 📲 like si tu valides ☀️ Mentionne un/une amie qui devrait s’abonner au compte…” bonne marche 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

Doudou Ngumbu

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3 weeks ago


Philadelphia team USA boxe (wbc)
“Il ne faut pas lier un navire à une seule ancre, ni une vie à un seul espoir”
__@jssynergy ____
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3 weeks ago


📽Citation: le corps est une pensée personnifier.
(Coach jSs)
La dissociation.🔗
La dissociation est le premier outil du chaos. Non pas qu'il nous faut refuser toute forme de dissociation surtout si celle-ci met en avant notre singularité.
Dans le cas de l'activité physique se portant plutôt sur le mouvement des formes et celui de l'activité mentale, se portant plutôt sur le mouvement énergétique sans forme, la dissociation si elle est première doit vous emmener à un point de rencontre, à une prise de conscience unificatrice.
Si vous n'arrivez pas à cet état de fait, alors vous êtes en conflit et dans une construction entropique**. Il fallut 50 ans à Armani pour cette conscience malgré qu'il soit vu comme un homme avec un haut niveau de créativité et une forte réussite sociale.

Pour paraphraser Platon le chaos n'est pas un désordre hasardeux mais bien une nécessité à toute création car l'ordre est préférable au chao.
⚖Ayez en tête: Ne soyez pas un physique sans tête ou une tête sans physique. Ah aussi... tête ne veut pas dire intelligence, savoir, réussite scolaire etc, tête veut dire conscience.
** Il caractérise le degré de désorganisation, ou d'imprédictibilité d'un contenu.
ABONNE-TOI POUR PLUS 📲 like si tu valides ☀️ Mentionne un/une amie quidevrait s’abonner au compte…” bonne marche 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️
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@doudoungumbu 🥊
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JS Synergy

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Your fitness goals

JS Synergy offers services aimed at particulars, professional sports structures or amateurs and companies.

Lose weight

I have a vision that weight loss that is inspired by various methods and philosophies (example: Chinese medicine, ayuverdic medicine,. I am also looking for success through fundamental work, treating the reasons of unbalances while wishing for a long-term result.

Regain fitness

Regaining fitness is an effective way for anyone who is not looking for any competitiveness in their vision of wellbeing. My goal is to make you physically and mentally stronger with this new experiment that will become yours.

For companies

The wellbeing in a company cannot be identified solely by energy expenditure because of a physical effort only. A project whose goal is the wellbeing and personal improvement of the individual all while considering the importance a common goal must be in accordance with the universe. The use of synergy requires much more than sweat and breathlessness even though we recognise their advantages also.


Preparing for test

As a former police officer, i know that for some the most difficult part is the entry test. Whether it is the Police, Fire brigade or a career in the military, the written or oral test can be very difficult but when the passion for a job comes from a need to help through service and patriotism, it sometimes occurs that the body is not always ready for the ensuing challenge.


Physical preparation is aimed at those who wish to see and better themselves physically by following a thread that was programmed by approved scientific and professional methods. Increase your potential when it comes to individual or collective targets. Do not leave it to chance.

Complete success occurs through small victories that have been planned by professional preparation.


In life, we have the tendency to disassociate our mental body from our physical body all while occupying our existential space. At times, our actions lead us to think about our comfort in solely in a unilateral vision. This unique quest can then create various unbalances on the invisible that resides in our psyche or mental body and make our physique unable to perform.

Groups : boot camp

You are looking for a fun and playful way to keep fit with team spirit while also being seriously guided by a coach, Boot camp will be the answer to your needs.

Add on muscle

I believe that it comes a time in one’s life, we sometimes aspire to improve our physical attributes. To affirm and create a persona that believes in itself more and command admiration, some people achieve it through material possession and others through a strong and harmonious body. This is not egocentric at all but a choice that must be carried out until the end just like anything in life.


You have a project ? Need more information?