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Synergy for companies :

Before we develop the tools and methods that we are going to use in the work environment, I would like to reassure you by suppressing a problem that could hinder our collaboration. This recurring problem could restrict owners or managers who wish to call upon synergy in the work place.


A lot of people and directors refuse to call on outside help where physical activity plays a role. With the collective imagery coming from Asian factories in which hundreds of employees can be seen practising their morning workout under a Mao Zedong flag, physical activity in the work place can be perceived as an exaggeration of the amount of energy spent. This vision can be mistaken as improvement through physical activity to its cousin Sport vision which is rather Coubertine.


Sport doesn’t have great interest in a work environment, at least I do not believe that it is efficient as its goals are only competitive and playful in its entirety. Far from being an outlet that requires recollection time through a return to calmness, a shower and mental repossession, synergy focus on the alliance between the mind and body.

Wellbeing in the workplace can not only be identified through an energy expenditure that occurred after a physical effort. A project whose goal is the wellbeing and personal improvement all while being conciliatory regarding a more common goal, must be in accordance with the universe. The use of synergy requires much more than sweat and breathlessness even though we recognise their advantages also.


We understand the obligations companies have to respect and we know that organising such an timetable catering to owners or targets for the groups and even shareholders, cannot be allowed to disturb the organisations involved.

However, we cannot ignore the stats and unbalances triggered by mental issues in the workplace. The main one being the well-known burn-out, which is known by all and often ignored.

« The French health department estimates that the economic and social cost of psychic pathology in 2007 was between 2 and 3 billion per year just for stress in the workplace  »
-The outcome can be pricey, as shown in  :

We can no longer ignore what the parliamentary commission of February 15th 2017 declared as « evil of the century », given that all these invasive technology do not help humans in the midst  of predictive numeric, and that it does not chose much even if the right to disconnecting established on January 1st 2017 was put in place to help differentiate work and private life.




The intervention in the workplace offers many options to maximize the well being and capacity of each participant to give their best without having to conceal their personal goals.

As founder of JS Synergy i created an active method of solicitation in synergy by combining anti Skeletal Muscle Trouble functional gym and educative posture, and re-educative as well as the alliance in synergy of a mental training whose goal is to optimise the cognitive and conative functions in the workplace.

1.You will not need to ask employees to change outfits or to shower, so no need for overtimes for each person to rejoin their work station except for the time to be available and ready to operate.


2.You will not need a specific sports hall, shower, machine ; just a meeting room or a suitable location for gathering.


3.No need for set time to go from a session to another, our sessions are adjustable, going from 45 mins to 2 hrs from one week to another.



Every task regardless of what they are create visible or non visible wear, physically and metally because work wears you down. This is a fact that just now needs to be demonstrated.

In the workplace, beyond the habits taken over the years regarding the needs for an individual to be involved, paid and recognised, he is still a human being with personal aspirations and his fears. Being able to focus on hhis task can be difficult and destroy this fluidity and harmony between body and mind. Previously, this situation allowed to respond to unexpected situations or even to be able to see them coming, but sometimes with a change in the body or the mind, unbalances and trouble can occur and cause a burn-out.


We know that routine and repetition can be a source of secondary issues. Recorded in a list known to doctors as Skeletal Muscle Trouble and mental trouble.



To fight against his issues, the best way is to create or re-create an awareness of the being in his function and not to let him get stuck in his habit and schemes that could lead him to a physico-psychic unbalance long term.

To work his conscience fully , his intrinsic state in synergy with his body in a location that initially does not look suitable is the best way to transform that said location in a location good for pleasure, for discovery, for learning. This encounter must create an emulation that will then be transmitted to the group (Google, Adidas and various others understood this concept).


Just like a technical staff in a team, the entrepreneurship will be the big loser if it does not optimise the efficiency of the employees and anticipate their unbalances.

Whether you are in a leadership role or simply in a worker, management’s big mistake is to often consider the human only from a financial aspect and unfortunately it goes against the goals and benefits of the company. All these examples measure the well being in any country of choice, it is a known fact that an employee who feels good performs better and endure less stress daily.

If an indivisual in the workplace finds the environment beneficial and profitable, he will be more likely to self-sacrifice for the for the company becaue he will find an interest other than financial. The identification within the group in terms of success and failures will not be a given but a creation.


A united vision with a company must go through an act of possession, a deep link that gets built. Additional services, individual ways and tools, exchanges, etc… With your consent, we can inject into our sessions this implication and need to be well.


I am a personal coach for entrepreneurs wishing to have individual session but also a mental trainer, fitness trainer working with professional rugby teams and part of the technical staff of boxing world champion Doudou N’gumbu. I can affirm that teams who win and last are those give great responsibility to man during a common project, a team motivation and create strong links with each person by showing support through actions.

To make the work place a fertile ground for lasting success requires ingredients. We possess the tools, you with the ground, lets build together.