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As a former police officer, I know that for a lot of applicants the hardest hurdle is the entry test. Whether it is for the police, fire brigade or a career in the military, written or oral exam each have their difficulty but when the passion for a job comes from a need to help through service and patriotism, it can sometimes happen that the body is not ready to meet the requirements needed.


The body can at times fail despite the mind’s willingness to succeed and the intellectual capacity also matter. You know that when the mind says yes and the body says no, you can on any given day be paired with someone whose physical abilities are better than yours.


Unfortunately, when doubt sets in, understand that the examiners will definitely notice it as well.

Whether you trust yourself to succeed in the physical activities such as running, bearing test or others, do not let it affect you negatively because it could affect your oral exam hence diminishing your chances of success.

I believe that the best way to succeed is dependent on an individual’s approach to a task that could stop him from reaching his goal.

I invite you to get in touch with me as soon as possible to get rid of those doubts or build your body and mind when you meet said challenges.

Coaching à distance


Pour cette méthode, je vous propose également la possibilité de vous coacher à distance.