Conditions of usage


JS SYNERGY– General Conditions



JS SYNERGY online is a service for coaching, body and mental wellbeing, accessible to JS Synergy clients through the internet, or phone.  Some of functionality of JS Synergy services are free while others are not free.

The members of JS Synergy are invited to read carefully the Conditions to participate, with JS Synergy online for the development of a responsible internet and quality service. By buying JS Synergy online, you are committing to respect the Conditions of usage. If you do not accept those Conditions of usage, you must not carry on with your purchase of JS Synergy online.

The subscription to one of more JS Synergy services online as well as the use of the current site presumes the full and entire acceptance of the current Conditions of usage by its member. By clicking « Download JS Synergy » located at the bottom of the information page in the theme and objectives headings you agree, as a buyer to be fully informed and that you accept the Conditions of usage and purchase.


In the Conditions of Usage, words beginning with a capital letter will have the following meaning.

« JS SYNERGY online » represents services whose goals are to provide coaching, body and mental wellbeing. JS Synergy is available through by multi-access (Internet, Skype, mobile phone etc…) for free or for a fee.

« Flat rate » in the future flat rate will represent: Flat rate giving access to JS Synergy for a fee depending on the limited periods such as 15 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months and 12 month, tacitly renewable by monthly period whatever the payment method (PayPal, bank card or any other form of payment allowing recurrent payments).

« Service(s) » represents all the services, for a fee or free, accessible to JS Synergy members.

« Service(s) For a Fee » represents all the services available for a fee accessible to JS Synergy members in possession of a valid subscription.

« Members » represents one (or all) users of JS Synergy services who are subscribed and have or haven’t paid for the use of JS Synergy.

« Conditions of usage » represents the current contract.







ARTICLE 2. Access and subscription to JS Synergy services online.

2.1 Conditions for access and subscription.

Equipment (computer, software, telecommunications, etc…) allowing access to services are exclusively the member’s responsibility, as well as the costs of telecommunications caused by their use. To be a member of JS Synergy, members must fill out any relevant documents located in the registration forms. Members declare that the information given are exact and true to their knowledge. They engage themselves to notify JS Synergy without delay, of any modification in the information they shared when registering and, if necessary, to proceed themselves to make said modifications on their personal space on the JS Synergy website.

Once the necessary conditions for registering are filled out, each Member will own log in details and one or more password, depending on the Services he signed up for (internet, newsletters, Skype), which are strictly private and confidential and that cannot be shared nor communicated to any third party. Excluding a fault exclusively imputable to JS Synergy or a technical failure of the Service not dependent of JS Synergy, Members will be responsible for the use of these elements of identification by others or actions and declarations made by intermediate on his private Member account, whether they are fraudulent or not guarantee JS Synergy against any of these actions and declarations. Otherwise, JS Synergy does not have the technical means to ensure the identity of the people registering for its services. If a member has reasons to think someone else is using his login details or his account, he must immediately inform JS Synergy. When a Member wishes to sponsor a friend, and provides JS Synergy with their details, He engages himself, to have previously obtained his friend’s consent to have his information handled by JS Synergy, those details will only be used to address, in the name and account of the Member who provided his details to JS Synergy, an e-mail informing him about JS Synergy and its Services. If necessary, the Member provided that information voluntarily and freely and in their responsibility exclusively. For security purposes and quality of Services, JS Synergy deactivate members’ accounts who haven’t been used for a period equal or superior to 6 months after the end of a subscription.



3.2 Performances.

The member, once registered, has access to the following functions:

–  Possibility to access a « member space » with the help of a password.

– Possibility to view coaching sessions with pre-set themes, named «Body or mental coaching sessions».

– Possibility to ask via e-mail for personalised sessions with online following on Skype or other modes of visio conference. A confirmation e-mail confirming payments being made. PayPal validates the agreement as well as the days, the length of the mental or physical coaching via Visio-conference.

-Possibility to Download sessions depending on themes.


– Possibility to question the coach in charge on the website via e-mail by using the French language or a translator in order to guarantee a response. The list of Services offered is not exhaustive nor definitive, and JS Synergy reserves the right to modify the arrangements implemented on the site or to add new elements to it.


3.3 Conditions of usage.

The Member has an obligation to ensure he is physically able to perform the exercises recommended by JS Synergy. H engages himself to have undergone a medical whose goal is to gain a medical certificate indicating his ability to practice all the exercises included in the training sessions via JS Synergy services.

The use of the website is strictly reserved for a private and personal use. Members have the obligation to behave in a loyal manner regarding JS Synergy. They engage themselves to respect the rights of intellectual ownership related to the contents of



4.1. Price and payment method.

Members require a subscription in order to use this website for a fee. Member are able to acquire a subscription by paying via bank card on the internet directly on the website, via the recipient’s PayPal.



The method whose goal is the use helping to inform members on physical and metal synergy, here are the various prices.

50€ Mental

25€ Physical with How to build muscle in synergy.

25€ Regain fitness in Synergy.

80€ The Formula: Total fitness and wellbeing for life with JS Synergy.


Prices are shown in euros. JS Synergy reserves the right, at any time and without having to communicate its reasons to users, to amend the price for its services. If necessary, the price will stay the same for ongoing contracts.

Prices do not take into account the attendance of members, they are non-refundable under any circumstances.

4.2. Modality of renewal: Solely a subscription

Members can cancel any renewal to their subscription with no charge others than those linked to his request, by clicking on the link « modify my subscription » on their profile page. The cancellation will take place on the day the current subscription ends, in accordance with article 6 « Termination » located below.

By the end of the subscription, it will be, except by notified termination by the member at JS Synergy before the end of the ongoing subscription, renewed for the same amount of time as the initial one. The extended subscription will be invoiced and priced on the basis of the said subscription.

In accordance with Article L 136-1 du Code of French consumption , JS Synergy will inform the member concerned via e-mail  sent 90 (ninety) days before the expiration of the subscription, he can cancel his subscription before the end of said subscription by notifying JS Synergy, failure to do so will see the subscription extended for the same amount of time as the initial subscription , until the member notifies JS Synergy of his wish to cancel his ongoing subscription under the conditions stated in Article 6 “Termination” located below.

Moreover, an information comparable to the ending of the subscription of a member is constantly reminded to members in the “My account” section on the “my profile” page.


ARTICLE 3. Confidentiality and protection of members’ data.

The website respects the private life of its members. The personal data (surname, name, address, mail…) that the user is asked to share with JS Synergy, are treated within the framework of confidentiality and protection of private life, and in respect of the regulations in force. (Law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978). All the personal data concerning you will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

JS Synergy engages itself not to divulge in any way the personal data of its users.

In accordance with the  “ data processing and freedom” law of January 6th 1978 amended in 2004, the member benefit of the right to access and rectify the information concerning him, that the member can exercise by going on his personal spaces “ my account” or “my profile”.


ARTICLE 5. Intellectual Property.

The brands, logos, graphisms, photos, animations, videos and the texts contained on the website are the intellectual property of the company JS Synergy and cannot be duplicated, used or represented, you could face legal actions.

It is strictly forbidden for member to amend, copy, reproduce, broadcast, transmit, commercially exploit, distribute or use in any way the texts, information, photography, the exercises, videos or pages from



JS Synergy will in no way be held responsible in the event of an accident on its members during a training session. Members use the site and the services under their own responsibility whatever their health at the time of their registration and throughout the duration during which they use the services. JS Synergy will not be held responsible for any medical state in any way.



5.1 Engagement

  1. By registering, members engage themselves and ensure not to be in a physical state incompatible with the practice of activities to regain fitness and mental improvement: body-building, toning-up, fitness, cardio, stretching, mental training…This list is non-exhaustive and non-restrictive.
  2. By registering, members engage themselves and ensure not to be affected by the following: cardiovascular issues, pregnancy, diabetes, depression, anorexia, arthritis, various injuries (sprains, fractures, dislocation, muscular tear, tendinopathy, low back pain, cervicalgia…) This list is non-exhaustive and non-restrictive. .
  3. By registering, members engage themselves and ensure to have seen a doctor before registering on the site and to be in possession of a medical certificate that indicates no risk to practising the activities to regain fitness, body-building and fitness dating back to less than 3 months. This certificate must be renewed every year.
  4. By registering, members engage themselves to respect the recommendations and instructions of security stated on the website. During the execution of an exercise, members engage themselves to execute the movements as indicated in the videos and to respect working hours.
  5. By registering, members engage themselves to respect the recommendations regarding the place of training, where exercises will be executed. This location must be spaced accordingly and no furniture nor objects likely to hinder the good completion of the exercises offered. Members will have to be able to get hydrated during the session.

JS Synergy declines any responsibility in case of injury during the course of an online coaching session on the website

JS Synergy will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages by a member in the event of the execution of a movement not being done properly by said member as stated on the conditions of usage.



Each member can end his subscription to JS Synergy by requesting the closure of his account at any time, free of charge and without reasons, via the “my account” section on the website

This request doesn’t lead to any refund to the member when it comes to the remaining time on the subscription.

The termination of the subscription decided by the members will take effect at the end of the ongoing subscription.

In the event a member is missing for a long period of time or a non-respect of the Conditions of usage, JS Synergy reserves the right to terminate the account of the said member without notice. This termination produces the same consequences as a termination from the member as stated above.

It is strictly forbidden for a member to divulge the passwords to his member space. The use of the website is strictly reserved for a private and personal use. Member space and its functions are solely reserved to the person who registered.

Failure to respect this rule as well as the excessive use of a subscription from a large number of computers will lead to the termination of the member’s account without notice. This termination produces the same consequences as a termination from the member as stated above.


ARTICLE 7. Modification of general conditions of sale and usage

JS Synergy will be able to modify at any time the current conditions of usage. Members will be informed of the nature of those modifications as soon as they are implemented online on the website JS Synergy. Modifications will come into effect immediately after their implementation online. For members who joined after the modifications, the new modifications will be applicable immediately because they will have agreed to them by becoming members. J

ARTICLE 8. Applicable Right

These conditions of usage are managed, interpreted and applied in conformity with French rights, the language of interpretation being the French language in the event of contestation on the meaning of a word or sentence or the disposition of current conditions of usage, a mail must be addressed in a readable and understandable French to