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I believe that it comes a time in one’s life where we aspire to build up physically. To create a more confident persona who is ready to conquer while also commending admiration, some people through material possession and others by obtaining a strong and harmonious body. This is not in any way egocentric on the contrary it is a choice that must be carried out until the end just like any other project in life.


Some people such as Arnold Shwarzenegger gather on their own such vision of physical and social expansion and success. The image of strength and success that he commands resonates entirely as part of the American dream. Whether a connoisseur or neophyte of bodybuilding or a fan of cinema or even political ecology, you cannot ignore the icon he represents.


Of course, we can’t all be the Terminator or the governor of California but we all have the capacity to physically expand at some point in our life if we commit ourselves to it.

Coaching à distance


Pour cette méthode, je vous propose également la possibilité de vous coacher à distance.